Challenge Day 37 – The Fast food experience

Challenge Day 37, 9 Days to go. Wow. “It’s the final countdoooown” *sing*. Oh, sorry I got distracted.

So today I managed to do something pretty cool. I went to McDonalds with a friend of mine (no, that’s not the cool part) and ate a full meal there that was healthy! Ok, most of it. I did eat a Veggie Burger but I also ate a Salad, drank Sparkling water and had a fruit bag for desert! I counted the kcal in the end and got 505 kcal total! (400-something was already the burger). Normally I don’t count kcal as I don’t have to but today I was curious about it. I think thats pretty nice for a visit to a fast food restaurant.

After that I burned a lot of kcal already while doing a shopping marathon with the same friend to help find him white trousers for his next cosplay costume. After a lot of stores we finally succeeded! It still was exhausting.

Then I went to a class in the evening (the hardcore one I told you about already I think) and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. No, I didn’t die or so, I just finally have the hope to be able to talk about the short film I have to give a presentation about for at least a few minutes (until before the class I thought I might manage to do about 30 seconds, so this is already a big improvement) In all the presentation should be 15 minutes in the and so I hope I have a good partner for that presentation and we’ll find some more to talk about till then.

When I was home I cooked dinner and ate cucumbers with it, again no chocolate today. Afterwards I was tired and stuffed of food but after a while I still motivated myself to do Sports Active and the additional belly exercises even tho my belly and my bum still hurt from yesterday’s workout. So I’m proud of myself that I still did it even with all the points speaking against it!

Now it’s late and I have to get up early tomorrow and it is going to be a busy day again so see you tomorrow with Day 38!

Maybe you wanna tell me how your Challenge goes? Any problems or excitement? Leave me a comment!

Picture by Perfecto Insecto


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