Challenge Day 36 – The Sport Resumption

Day 36 of my Challenge already. Wow, an end is in sight! At the same time it was a new beginning today. You might already have asked yourself why I didn’t write about  my Sports Active activities. This has a pretty good reason: there weren’t any! Because of that I felt guilty and tried to hide it by not mentioning it. That’s kind of childish, isn’t it?

But today I did a fresh new Sports Active workout and I’m proud of it. I also still feel a bit of it in my legs, that feels good! Reminds me, that I have done something. Maybe you remember, that I wrote, that there aren’t really any exercises for the belly in these workouts, so I browsed through youtube today and found accidentally some exercises for that and immediately had to try them. You can watch, what I did in addition to the Workout here:

There is nothing really special about that, just more or less basic stuff but it made me confident about being able to do it, so i tryed and finished and my belly is still feeling it! :).

Besides I found another site today that really motivated me. You can find it here. I didn’t dare to try one of this girl’s workouts as they look really badass. Also I really admire her shape, but her sixpack is a bit too much for me. It’s not what I’m aiming for, but it really motivated me especially because all of her workouts can be done at home with hardly any equipment (and the little she uses might be exchangeable with something else if you are a little creative).

Another thing that happened today was, that a friend of mine told me, that he will start going to the gym on friday again and I was thinking that it would be nice to just hop on a stepper or a bike and do some cardio and stuff. But as soon as he told me how much I would have to pay for the gym membership I knew I would stick another while just with my Sports Active. Maybe I should really try to start jogging even tho I have some kind of trauma from my teenage days about that. We will see.

Speaking of Sports Active I have to tell you something else I found out today. Something really exciting (for me). First, there is an expansion for Sports Active with new exercises AND with *drumroll* Belly exercises! Also some warm-up and cooldown exercises and stretching. I want that! But this is expensive too, so I better do my version for a while longer and see if I really stick to it and “deserve” it.

The Second thing I found out about Sports Active today is, that there will be a Sports Active 2.0 (that’s just the working title at the moment) out in Autum – including a Heart rate monitor! Pure Excitement for a Geek like me! :). I’m really looking forward to that.

Ok, that’s it for today. Regarding my Challenge I had again no chocolate (this starts to get boring already, maybe I should eat some just to make the blog more exciting! :D) but some vegetable today.

In case you want to be a Sponsor for my gym membership or my Sports Active upgrade send me a message :D. (I could wear a t-shirt with the sponsor’s Name/Homepage everytime I hit the gym 😉 )

Wow, that seems to be a long Post today. Thank you, if you read until here – you are free now :). See you tomorrow with Day 37.

Picture by lululemon athletica


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