Challenge Day 35 – The Food Revolution

Day 35 of my Challenge had a lot to do with food. It started with the moment that I found the new show with Jamie Oliver called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and watched it before and after my first two classes today. I’m definitely watching this more often because I really wanna know how this turns out as Jamie hasn’t had a good start at all and all this makes me angry, shocked and sad at the same time but gives me also a little hope that it is maybe not too late to change.

The Summary for the Show is told pretty fast. Jamie Oliver travelled to the USA and visits schools and families and wants to help them change their Nutrition to live healthier (and longer). He starts in the area where the statistics say that the most obese people in the whole world live. I’m not sure which area it was, I think either Virginia or West Virginia but I could be wrong. I first thought “wohoo, great! They really need it sooo badly, especially the little schoolchildren” and then I saw the reaction of all the people there. They all were against Jamie! He has to fight so hard to make the cooks in the elementary school, he is first at, believe him and help him (he didn’t manage to do that in episode one, so I really hope this is going to be better in the next episode(s)). One of all the shocking moments was probably when he (and me) saw, what the kids get for breakfast at their school – PIZZA! What the heck? And they made hardly anything fresh not even stuff like mashed potatoes. Hopefully Jamie can change that! You find information about that here and if you live in the USA you can sign his petition there too.

At least the family he visited was happy to see him and was really into letting him help them. What surprised me most was one of the kids. It was a little 12-year-old boy, who said that he is glad that Jamie is here and when Jamie suggested, to teach him cooking, he was excited and said, that he is looking forward to do that! He wants to become a chef one day!

Another thing today about food was, that I remembered this project called “Team Österreich Tafel”. This project is about volunteers who help giving leftover food of supermarkets to people who don’t have a lot of money. This is good in two ways: First, Supermarkets don’t have to throw away that much food (It’s unbelievable how much that is!) and second, people who don’t have a lot of money can get good food for free. Even tho I have a really packed schedule at uni at the moment I still signed up for that project to volunteer. So one step closer to one of the things I spoke about in an earlier post of mine, that I want to change something in the world, even if it’s just a very little thing. If you live here in my area and want to help too or want more information about that, you can check it out here and a report at Austrian TV (in german) here (after clicking the link, a media player will open).

Myself I ate a bit of vegetables today and no chocolate again – and only 10 Days left of the Challenge! Wow! See you tomorrow at Day 36.

Picture by Masahiro Ihara


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