Challenge Day 34 – The Monday Madness

Day 34 of my Challenge is a monday. That means that today is my hardcore uni day and I was brave enough to do all classes. That meant to get up at 7, go to class, go home, make sandwiches and stuff (sandwiches with cucumber + grapes), go to uni, have 3 classes where I had to fight not to fall asleep (I lost two times), go back home, have 1,5 hours to do something, go back to Uni for the last class and be back home at 9 in the evening. Exhausting! When I think that my first class started at 8:30 this were nearly 12 hours straight when I don’t count the breaks. After I was home I had some leftovers of yesterday and the rest of the salad I had and no chocolate again. It seems that I’m going to make it to the end with that :).

I’m so tired now, I’m close to falling off  my chair and sleep on the floor.

That means I better stop blogging now :). See you tomorrow at day 35.

Picture by Jennie Farber


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