Challenge Day 33 – The wasted Sunday

So today at Day 33 of my Challenge I went up early to go to uni and had to sit for 4 hours straight on an unconfortable chair but at least it was the the second part of the interesting class that I was at already yesterday. Today we watched less weird movies 🙂 and our teacher told us about how it is to work with Klaus Kinsky (who is known for being complicated).

Other than that I planned to do serious uni stuff today but I didn’t do a lot except that I sorted my notes and wrote a list of what I will have to do this semester (this became a really long list, including at least 5 presentations – gosh, I hate presentations) and a list of books I have to get me.

And now, instead of going to bed I watched a cute girly-movie and ate the rest of my lunch *sigh*. But no chocolate again and I wasn’t missing it either.

As it is late already and the movie is finally over I go to bed now. See you tomorrow on day 34 (oh, for all of you who wonder – yes, I count the Sundays, even tho I don’t have to, but I want to, so the challenge should last around 46 days total).

Picture by @boetter


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