Challenge Day 32 – The Strange Movie

Day 32 of my Challenge is a Saturday but I still had Uni today. I’m going to have tomorrow too, so I’m going to bed right after I finish that post. The Class today (and tomorrow) was really inspiring. Our teacher worked as a production designer in movies and showed us movies he worked for and talked about what he did and what where the problems that occured. It was so interesting and sometimes funny when he spoke about the problems and funny stories. For example, when he worked at his first movie, he was pretty young and he told us that he “didn’t know that you get paid for something beautiful and fun like that”. He did it because he really liked to do it. This should happen to much more people in life. Do something you love and get actually paid for it. I’m working on that, maybe I’ll manage to do that one day :).

The second movie we watched was a little strange. No, that’s not correct. It was REALLY strange. In the beginning our teacher told us, that every actor in the movie was under hypnosis while filming and when you know it you can see it (I don’t know how it would feel if you don’t know that fact). This was really strange to watch, even a bit scary for me. I wonder if this still would someone do today (as the movie was from 1976). Here is a trailer of it, you can decide yourself:

About the Challenge I can say that I again didn’t eat very “organised” today but at least I got some salad and I didn’t eat chocolate but I thought of buying some other sweets today but didn’t do it in the end.

Picture by Lachlan Hardy


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