Challenge Day 31 – The Excitement

Day 31 of my Challenge was pretty exciting. After I got up early to go to my script writing class (where I presented my idea for the script I’m going to write – it will involve some ego-shooter-geekness) I went back home and directly went to a shop to get me a new phone – FINALLY. Nothing of my old phone was working properly anymore. So I got me a neat new phone (a Nokia 5230), it’s not the supernewest existing, but it was cheap and I like it, and it still can do so much more than my old phone could (even when it was brand new). I already checked out some of the apps that exist for it and found a nice fitness app. It tracks the distance and the movementspeed of you when started. That’s nice for running for example. I want to try to keep track of how much I walk during a day.

The other exciting thing happened after my second class today (it was about comics & migration) because then I went to the Dschungel theatre with a good friend of mine and we watched “hoods”. It’s an australian production (yes, australian.. the country that is always mistaken with the one I live in) and was for young people and in english. First I didn’t know that it will be in english and when I heard it I was even more excited about it. I really want to try to go to the theatre more often – and find someone who goes with me.

Eating wise was a bad day today. No, I didn’t eat chocolate, but as it was pretty stressy all day and I also was distracted by my new toy (the phone!) I somehow forget about the food and just could pick me up a sandwich from the grocery store that has a lot of stuff in it I rather don’t wanna know exactly what it is. And after the theatre I was hungry already when I went home but I still didn’t manage to eat anything. I might make me a soup or so, anything else would be too much already and I wouldn’t sleep well. And I have to go soon because first I’m tired already and second I have class tomorrow morning at 11:00 (at least not THAT early).

So that’s all about my exciting day. See you tomorrow with day 32.

Picture by viernest


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