Challenge Day 30 – The Mistake

So now I’m in the 30ies… No, not of age. The Challenge! Today didn’t really happen much except that I went to a class and realised when it begun that it wasn’t the one I intended to go to. It was the right time, the right room the right day of the week.. just not the class that I wanted to. There was another instead of mine today (what I remembered afterwards). So, I still listened to it for a bit as it was interesting, but not interesting enough to stay longer.

In the evening I went for a walk with a friend of mine because he was bored and the weather was sooo nice. We had 17° C today and sunshine. Spring is coming! Hopefully this time for real! I saw a lot of people with t-shirts (and a few even with shorts) outside today and a lot of people eating ice cream.

I had a lot of chocolate temptations today but stayed strong. Instead I ate some vegetables with my meals.

Ok, tomorrow is a really busy day for me and I’m really tired already so I stop here now. See you tomorrow.

Picture by Spider.Dog


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