Challenge Day 29 – The Surprise

Day 29 of my Challenge is over. I survived a whole day with a chocolate cake sittin on the table in our living room (which I have to pass everytime I want to go somewhere else than my room) without eating any chocolate. That was even a bigger challenge than saying no in the first place yesterday.

I didn’t eat very much at all today as I missed eating lunch on time so I had to hurry to be at the Studio on time and just ate a soup before. And after work I haven’t been that hungry (strange, but it happened) and in the end it was so late that I didn’t want to eat a lot anymore, so I just made a salad. Somehow I’m now still a bit hungry (or again?) but it might be ok to be able to sleep. In the Past, before the challenge, I would have eaten the cookies now that are waiting for me in the kitchen but not now, when it would screw my Challenge. In general it feels easier than I thought to cut out the chocolate – most of the time. There are a few weak moments when I struggle with myself but I always managed to overcome it until now.

Today evening I somehow got a reward for that. Ok, it’s not directly connected but it feels a bit like that. I told you at Day 15 that I went to an exam. Today I got the result for it. I got a 1 (or an A if this is telling you more). This is soooo awesome! If I weren’t sitting at the Studio at the time I saw it and people wouldn’t have been in the room I would have jumped around and screamed. This feels so good and it is a big motivation especially because I screwed the paper as I told you.

One more thing that helped me get over the demotivation about the paper is another thing that happened today. Today there were two girls at the Studio and one was buying something, I think it was a skirt or something like that, and the other girl looked familiar to me and I asked her if she studies the same thing I study and she answered yes. We figured out that she was at the same class I had to write the paper for and she didn’t write one too. She said she couldn’t get along with the teacher. So, hey, maybe it wasn’t all alone my fault. At least it helps to know, that I am not the only one who didn’t managed to do it.

That’s all for today. Be right back tomorrow with Day 30. Woho that sounds nice!

Picture by Only Sequel


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