Challenge Day 28 – The Cake

At Day 28 of my Challenge I haven’t had to get up that early so I could catch up with the amount of sleep I missed yesterday. That was nice! Around noon I went to two classes, one of them was the first time this week as it was cancelled the last two weeks and it happened the first time, that there were more topics for presentations that I wanted to do than that I didn’t. The decision was hard but in the end I made it and I’m looking forward to all the other presentations, they must be really interesting – hopefully.

Then I was home for a few hours, had lunch and stuff (no chocolate) and in the evening I had one more class – this semesters geek-class of mine – Algorithms and Data structure. Today we learned some more about what we need to know to be able to code our final project in the end.

When I came home, my mates were home and they brought a soooo delicious looking cake with them. I tried not to look at it too closely but I saw that there was a HUGE amount of chocolate in it. OMG it was sooo hard to say no when my mate offered me a piece but I did it!! I am so proud of myself.

In the evening I did some more geeky stuff – playing a game with my friends online, and I watched two episodes of “The biggest loser” (and ate dinner during that – is that mean? 🙂 ).

That’s it already for today. See you at day 29 (wow, nearly done with the 20s!).

P.S. It’s hard to choose a picture of chocolate cake out of loads of pictures of chocolate cake!

Picture by Puck777


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