Challenge Day 27 – The Insomnia

Day 27 of my Challenge started pretty early – at 7:15 to be precise. It was even worse because first I went to bed at about 2 in the morning yesterday (as I wasn’t very tired in the evening and got distracted by a friend) and couldn’t sleep very well. I kept waking up and mostly I didn’t know why. Probably it was because it was really windy outside and this resulted in noise. Second thing was, that at about 3:30 in the morning a thunderstorm happened to be with REALLY loud thunder that woke me at least twice. Not a good basis for a good morning. But I still got up and went to Uni. It helped that it was a pretty interesting class about britains history.

After that I went home, had lunch (with salad) and a little online-game with friends (Geek alert!) and then had a little nap before I headed to the next class. This class was about a boring topic but the teacher made it interesting (besides, that’s the reason I’m even in that class). Normally it happens more often that the teacher makes interesting stuff boring so that’s a good alternation.

When I was home from Uni I ate dinner, again with a big bowl of salad and cucumber (Om nom nom, delicious!) and again no chocolate for me today.

Last week I had to do a little homework that decided if I’m allowed to attend another class or not. Yesterday I got the info that I’m not allowed to. It would have been an interesting class but can’t change it anymore now. At least I can sleep longer tomorrow because of that now :).

Besides, I decided today, that I have to look for a new phone REALLY urgently as the battery runs out of energy really rapidly already and on Saturday there broke a part of the casing away. I even found a phone now that isn’t too expensive and I would wanna have I just can’t decide if I should stay with my provider or get me a new one. In general I’m ok with the one I have now, it just has one thing I really don’t like, so I think of changing – but every other provider I looked up so far is either much more expensive (and provides less for that) or doesn’t have the phone I want (or decent other options). Any suggestions? Are you satisfied with your provider or your phone? Or you can tell me what I should not get? For that I have to tell you that I only had Nokia phones so far and rather would wanna stick with that in the future.

Ok, that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow for Day 28!

Picture by aussiegall


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