Challenge Day 26 – The Capitulation

Today I realised that I am already over half of my Challenge! Didn’t realise that at all before. That makes me proud, especially as some people told me that they already gave up on trying not to eat chocolate :). Today is a Sunday again so I could again eat some but I won’t. This means that I will have about 46 Days in the end of the Challenge instead of 40 but I don’t think this lowers the result. Just the number doesn’t look as nice.

Today I had Uni in the morning. It was hard to get up at 9:00 even tho I was home from the Pub around midnight already. Besides I had a headache all morning. I don’t think it was because of the alcohol as I just had a Pint of Cider. Finally I know what it was what I drank when I was there the last time :). Both times a friend of mine ordered it for me as I said I would drink beer if it doesn’t taste like beer. So he got me that.

I ate pizza for lunch today BUT I added salad to it so that it’s at least a little healthier and ate two bananas during the day. Should have eaten something in the evening too but wasn’t hungry for a long time and now its already bedtime so I might not eat anything else anymore.

When I was home from Uni in the afternoon I tried to start working on my paper at last. I watched another movie of the director I thought of writing about and started reading a book and finally had a first idea about what I could write, just I still have no research question and still haven’t written a word. As it’s due tomorrow I finally start thinking about capitulation :(. That’s what I wanted to avoid from the beginning but couldn’t prevent it.

Ok, enough moaning. See you tomorrow with Day 27.

Picture by apdk


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