Challenge Day 25 – The Cheerleader

Challenge Day 25. “We are proud of you, say we are proud of you” *clap clap* As I already told you yesterday, I went to the Austria Cheerleading Championship today. It was awesome but not really surprising about the result. At least not for me.. There were a lot of really good Performances today, but unfortunately a lot of mistakes too. Here are the results:

Groupstunt Juniors:

1. TVP Cheer Stars (first time at the ÖCM!)

2. Blue Devils Devil Stars

3. Blue Stars

Groupstunt Seniors:

1. Giants Elite

2. Dragon Flames Groupstant

3. Diamonds Groupstunt

4. TVP Cheer Stars

5. Magic Spirits

Dance Peewees:

1. Thunder Dance Peewees 1

2. Vikings Dance Peewees

3. BigsMile Peewees

4. Thunder Dance Peewees 2

Dance Juniors:

1. Thunder Dance Juniors

2. Milleniumdancers Juniors

3. Vikings Dance Juniors (that was a bit of a surprise)

4. BigsMile Dance Juniors

Cheer Peewees:

1. Vikings Purple Peewees

2. Raiders Peewees

3. Dragons Green Peewee Flames

4. Diamonds Bambinis

5. TVP Peewee Stars

6. Dragons White Peewee Flames

7. Giants Twinkles

8. Blue Stars Peewees

9. Blue Devils Devil Stars

10. BMC Peewees

Cheer Juniors:

1. Vikings Purple Cheerios (the 10th time in a row, Surprise!)

2. Giants Rising Stars

3. Dragons Juniors Flames

4. Raiderettes Juniors

5. Blue Stars All Girl Juniors

6. BMC Cheer Juniors

7. Diamond Juniors (they would have been much better if they haven’t had so much mistakes 😦 )

Dance Seniors:

1. Milleniumdancers Seniors (6th Time in a row also no surprise)

2. Thunder Dance Seniors

3. Dragons Premium Dancers

4. Vikings Dance Team (wow that must be hard for them!)

5. Angels Unique Dancers

Cheer Seniors:

1. Vikings Cheerleader (Again, Surprise!…NOT)

2. Giant Spirit Stars

3. Dragons Flames

4. Diamonds

5. Raiderettes Seniors

Challenge: Did just eat sandwiches during the day, no chocolate.

Ok, have to leave now. Pub is calling! But I’ll update you with more information and some pictures tomorrow!

Picture by DeusXFlorida


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