Challenge Day 24 – The Library

Challenge Day 24 didn’t quite went how I planned it. I planned to get up early, but slept an hour longer. I wanted to go to the library immediately after breakfast with my laptop and work there all day for my paper that is due on Monday. In reality I went there after lunch without the laptop and just returned the books that were due today and got some new ones I needed for the paper and some DVD’s. Then I wanted to start with writing the paper immediately after I returned but I was tired and needed something to eat but for that I needed to do grocery shopping. So I did all that first and then I did some more procrastination and then I finally did at least watch two of the DVD’s I got for it. I’m not sure if I’m going to make it on time and I so hate myself for that.

Especially because tomorrow I don’t have any time because in the morning I have class (also on sunday) and in the afternoon/evening I’m at… uhm.. that’s a bit embarrassing.. *takes a deep breath* at the Austrian Cheerleading Championship! No, not participating (even tho I did that once) but watching it. I’m excited!

To update about the Challenge: I ate some vegetables today and salad with at least one of my meals and in the evening I had a huge need for something sweet but in lack of “something sweet” I got me a banana and a cherry joghurt and then it was better (a little bit).

Oh, I promised you an update about the demonstration yesterday. My mate told me about. She was there till about midnight and there were loads of people. Some of them even came from Italy! Also a lot of police was there and they were all very strict. Hopefully it was not totally useless to do all the demonstrating and stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how the Championship went!

Picture by Stewart


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