Challenge Day 23 – The Demonstration Day

At Challenge Day 23 didn’t happen a lot. At least not for me. I decided not to go to the Demonstration… I’m a coward I guess :). I didn’t hear much about how it went, have to ask my flatmate tomorrow as she attended. But I heard about loads of students that attended the demonstration. Today morning I had a class and nearly didn’t got there as nearly all doors and ways leading to the building were shut and police was everywhere. It was scary. It even felt a bit like I was doing something illegal and “sneaking” into my own university building. The Teacher came half an hour late because someone told him that his class was moved to another building because of that what was not true so he came back finally. I think I won’t go to that class anymore as it’s not interesting at all for me and I don’t have to do it.

Eating wise was also very boring today (more than usually). I didn’t eat a lot today, just breakfast and one big meal (normally I managed to eat at least 2 meals and sometimes a snack in between) and some nuts and raisins. But in exchange I drank a bottle of water what is already a success for me. Again no chocolate today even tho I had a need for it today for a while.

Tomorrow is a free day at Uni so I have time to finally do my papers that are due on Sunday *sigh*. I haven’t even started – as usual. I’m the queen in procrastination and always when I’m at this point I’m angry about myself because I think I could have much less stress if i started earlier. This time I even started earlier… I just didn’t move on. Let’s see what happens. I plan to do a Library marathon tomorrow. I’ll keep you informed at tomorrows post.

Picture by swatchonphotos


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