Challenge Day 22 – The Work Day

Challenge Day 22 is a Wednesday, that means that I had to work at the (Fasion-) Studio. Before that I went to two classes and before that I had to finish my homework I talked about yesterday.That means that I hardly had any time at home to cook.

But this doesn’t mean that I didn’t eat properly today. I made some sandwiches (Cheese with Cucumber) and got me some more raisins and walnuts and ate that during the day. This was about the first time that I wasn’t starving at the studio. In the evening I came home late and first thought about cooking a big meal but than made soup with a carrot in it and that was perfectly fine. I’m not hungry anymore but also not stuffed so that I still can sleep right after I wrote that post.

Tomorrow there are going to be demonstrations of students because of the 10 year anniversary of the Bologna-Process and some other issues within our University system. Because of that one of my Classes is cancelled for tomorrow (because the area around the building where my department is in it is closed because of that). Now I think of attending the demonstration because there really has to change something at the Universities here.

You’ll hear if I went and if yes, what has happened,  on Day 23. So check in tomorrow! What do you think of the protests and demonstrations? Drop me a line in the comments!

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Picture by swatchonphotos


5 responses to “Challenge Day 22 – The Work Day

  1. Wer braucht bitte E-Mail notifications, dafür gibt’s doch den RSS Feed~

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