Challenge Day 21 – The Enlightenment

Day 21 of my Challenge already, that means 3 weeks done today! It didn’t happen anything special today. Ate at home so I got salad and no chocolate and didn’t do Sports Active as my knee hurted during the day, dunno why.

Around noon I went to a class and I got a seat in, woho and in the evening I went to a computer science class and was in shock afterwards that I understood what the teacher was talking about ( today’s topic was “inheritance” for the computer geeks among us) and I did even have an idea about what we are suposed to do with that later at our project.

Ok, I have to finish a homework that is due tomorrow at noon, so I better stop blogging now and go back to the work. I’d rather go on blogging if you ask me. But yeah, it has to be done. Do you have anything to do that you rather would not do? You can write it in the Comments.

Picture by Samael Trip


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