Challenge Day 20 – The Oscar goes to.. Austria!

Challenge Day 20 is not only a day to celebrate because it’s a nice number but also because “Austria” got an Oscar. Ok, I know, not Austria got it, Christoph Waltz got it for the incredible job he did in Inglorious Basterds, but you know, everyone is proud of that. So I think it’s ok, when it’s “our” Oscar, especially as we don’t get one very often. Even tho it seems that it’s going up the last years. First, Stefan Ruzowitzky for his film “Die Fälscher” (“The Counterfeiters”) and now Christoph Waltz. Unfortunately I can’t say anything else about the Oscars because, as I said already in yesterdays post (I think), I had to go to sleep early yesterday and I counted on the Summary that was the day after the Oscars on TV every year… until this year. At least I couldn’t find it in the TV program. I’m so sad :(.

By the way I had the pleasure to “meet” Stefan Ruzowitzky in 2008 when he was already nominated for the Oscar but before he got it. He was a guest in one of my classes at uni and answered our questions. That was really interesting and even cooler when you think that he got the Oscar afterwards :). And he made hope that I maybe could be a director one day myself. Before I met him, I thought that every director has to have a massive ego and be like “I’m the boss and everyone else has to jump when I tell them to!”. But then I met him and he was the total opposite. He seemed a bit shy to me and not at all loud or anything like that, but he seems to be a really nice person as far as I can tell in this one hour I listened to him.

To come back to the topic Uni. I survived the Hardcore-Day! Woho! I went to 6 classes today of whom I attended 5 as I wasn’t able to get in the classroom at one of them because it was sooo crowded! One of them was my first class in english at uni and it was a relief to find out that I understood about 95% of it. Now I’m proud of myself and exhausted at the same time. I’m going to sleep as soon as I hit the bed I guess :).

Ok, I haven’t even talked about my Challenge today. I guess you are all bored of it already anyway but I give a short summary. As I was sitting in class nearly the whole day today I packed some sandwiches (with salad in it)  and some grapes in the morning and ate that during the day. When I was home earlier I made some “real” food including salad. Again no chocolat today but I needed to go to the grocery shop and went through most of the shop with my eyes to the floor as it was so ugly stuffed with easter chocolate EVERYWHERE! That’s insane!

I planned to do Sports Active today but I’m not able to do it anymore today, but I just found out that one of my classes tomorrow is cancelled so I have some more time and a not so busy day tomorrow so I’m going to do it then.

Wow that got a pretty long post today. Thank you, if you are still with me here :). See you tomorrow with Day 21. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments!

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