Challenge Day 18 – The Surprise Party

It’s Day 18 of my Challenge and I had to face a few temptations today. First I went grocery shopping and there were tons of chocolate everywhere! Behind every corner there was a huge shelf full of chocolate easter bunnies or easter eggs or anything like that. Also I needed some soy milk and it is in the same corridor than all the “normal” chocolate and cookies and stuff. I tried, not to look at all the stuff. Then at the cashier desk, waiting in line, I saw that they have mini-mozartkugeln now! OMG I so want to try them! But after my Challenge. I still made it back home without buying chocolate, I’m proud of myself, this was hard today.

Later I went to a surprise birthdayparty in a restaurant. It was a lot of fun, people were nice and I had a lot of interesting chats during the evening. Just after dinner some ordered a desert, and two of them ordered some kind of chocolate cake with liquid chocolate on top… OM NOM NOM! This looked sooo delicious. I already thought about ordering some for after midnight (as it’s Sunday then and I would be allowed to eat) but I didn’t do it. I stayed strong. Woho!

For that I haven’t had time to do Sports Active today , again (or better, I didn’t plan it on time). Really have to catch up tomorrow.

In the afternoon I found something else that inspired me and also has to do with nutrition. It’s the TED Talk of Jamie Oliver. You can watch it here:

P.S. He wears my shoes <3.


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