Challenge Day 17 – The early wake up call

Day 17 of the Challenge started early at 7:30. Yes, I know for other people that’s normal but for a student it’s early :). But for that I got an interesting class about screenplay writing and it’s not only theoretical it’s also practical. Woho, looking forward to that!

Eating wise was not a perfect day today. I haven’t had a lot of vegetable but at least a bit and some salad and no chocolate.

I didn’t do Sports Active today, the screwed up plan confused me a bit. I thought it was a Breakday but I think now that it wasn’t one. Maybe I do two in exchange tomorrow. Today I’m to tired already. I’m watching “the biggest loser” instead :D.

Besides that nothing interesting happened today. See you tomorrow with Day 18. Are you still on your Challenge?

Picture by vikki gregory


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