Challenge Day 16 – The strict Teacher

Day 16 of my Challenge. I just went to another class today (not many that started this week already) and found out about the rumors about the teacher (“better not do a class with him, he is very strict”), they where all true! But atm I’m still motivated enough to at least try it, but it will be a hard class.

Eatingwise everything went normal. I ate salad and fruit and no chocolate. I’m also still waiting for the sudden need for it. I thought that I “need” it much more. Let’s see, the 40 Days aren’t over yet.

I also did some Sports Active where I reached half of the “30 Days Challenge” today.

Ok, tomorrows class starts at 8:30 in the morning so I better stop blogging now and head to bed. See you tomorrow!

Picture by Hoggheff


2 responses to “Challenge Day 16 – The strict Teacher

  1. Keep up your motivation, all the training and food sacrifices will be worth it to achieve your goals!

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