Challenge Day 14 – First day of school..uhm.. Semester

Wohoo two weeks over of my Challenge already… unbelievable! And today I nearly ingested chocolate by mistake. In the morning I had my first class for this semester (at 9 am, pretty early for my taste) and met a friend of mine there. After class we decided to go to the bagle station (they have delicious bagles there, om nom nom) and I totally didn’t think of my challenge so I nearly ordered a hot chocolate but instinctively changed to chai latte with my bagle. My friend ate a bagle too and we saw the deserts next to the cashier desk and my friend wanted a muffin and I said ooh this brownie looks so delicious, I might get me one…………OH WAIT! ….. Then I suddenly realised that this would have screwed my Challenge, so I safed myself at the very last second :D.

I had lunch at the university cafeteria today. Wasn’t the best meal I ever had in my life but it was ok, I got salad and it wasn’t THAT expensive for a full meal including soup and salad. Besides I could do some socializing with my friend, was nice to see her again and talk about everything under the sun.

No Sport Active today as it was Breakday. It just seems that it screwed something up because of the change from February to March so I might have another break after tomorrow, We’ll see.

Oh, another thing happened to me today. After lunch I went to another class but when I arrived there, there was a sheet of paper at the door with some incline, violett felt-pen written letters on it saying “class cancelled for today”. I thought about if someone wanted to be in that class pretty desperately and put the paper there at the first second, but then I saw everyone else go home too so I was at least for sure not the only one :).

Ok, that’s all for today, so see you tomorrow – same time same station…uhm… blog…whatever.

Picture by Jjosiahmackenzie


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