Challenge Day 13 – Exhausting

I had to work unplanned today, so I came home at about 22:15 and haven’t had done my Sports Active yet. You now might think, that I skipped it for today but you are WRONG! I did it after I was home from work and now I’m exhausted but happy and proud of myself. Something else I managed to do today was taking a banana with me to work and eat it, that helped me to survive till dinner which I have about NOW while i write this entry (yes it’s late for dinner but I can’t sleep when I’m that hungry). I also took a bottle of water with me but I forgot about it :(. Shame on me.

My Laptop is btw still acting weird sometimes after yesterday’s nightmare, I hope it will stay usable. If I’m suddenly gone and no new Posts are online you will know what happpened.

And now I finish dinner quickly and go to bed, as tomorrow is the first day of the new semester. It feels a bit like the first day of school :D. Especially because it starts at 9 in the morning! The Countdown to my new Timetable from Hell starts now!

Picture by PerfectoInsecto


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