Challenge Day 12 – It was a Nightmare!

Day 12 of the Challenge started pretty normal. I woke up,had breakfast, did some work –  finished my first Translation job (wohoo!), had lunch (with vegetables and salad) and started to do some stuff for Uni. But then suddenly the Screen of my laptop froze… nothing worked anymore. So I tryed to restart it and….nothing happened! I mean, yes, it did happen something but not what it supposed to be. It just told me that Windows can’t be loaded and I would need a recovery CD, but I didn’t have one. At least I thought that for about 2 hours when running in panic through my room and thinking about what to do. Then I found one I had forgotten about and it took me another 3 hours or so to finally get it to work again. So, todays post is some kind of miracle :D. I even thought about some comfort eating as I still have half a pack of chocolate cookies in the kitchen, but then I saw, that Dirty Dancing was on TV, so that saved me from doing something I would regret (It’s Sunday so it wouldn’t have been that bad, but I still didn’t want to do it).

I also did Sports Active today, the first minutes, my laptop was off when I still hoped that it would work again after some cooldown time. Helped me to release the Stress too.

So todays Summary is, that I now appreciate my laptop much more than today morning, that I know that I can access Facebook via my Wii and that I was strong enough to resist chocolate in an Emergency.

Was your Sunday better? I hope so! Leave me a comment.

P.S. When the sentences in this post make even less sense than  they normal do then it is because of the last few hours and their aftereffects.

Picture by Renaissancechambara


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