Challenge Day 11 – 100 Things to do..

So here is Day 11 of my Challenge already. Today I made it to 5 Meals when I count the two little snacks in the morning and in the afternoon. I ate Salad with my meals which contained vegetables too, so it was a good day today except maybe the two small pieces of (apple) Tiramisu I ate after Dinner but I think thats ok, still no chocolate! What I still have trouble with, is drinking water. I keep forgetting to drink enough. This is a thing I still have to work on.

I didn’t do Sports Active as it’s a planned Breakday today, going on with it tomorrow.

Besides I found another cool tv show today. It’s called “The buried Life” and it’s about 4 guys that travel trough North America and cross off things of their “100 Things to do before I die” list and for every thing they try to achieve they help one person to achieve one of their dream. After I saw that I thought that I kind of do something like that at the moment. My Thing could be called “live healthy during Lent” or something like that. I already wanted to do that in the past but never did it and this year it happened pretty much spontaniously, funny thing.. Maybe I start a list for myself one day and start crossing things off :). Ok, when I say it like that I’ll never do it. I should start it today!

What would you write on your “100 things to do before I die” list? I would love to hear about that. Write it in the comments!

Picture by darkpatator


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