Challenge Day 9

Day 9 of my Challenge. Made it to four meals today when I include the snack with a joghurt and walnuts and raisins in the afternoon and ate Salad with the meals (not with breakfast and the snack tho). Today I did Sports active in the Morning because it was scheduled that I had to work in the afternoon again and yesterday it screwed my plan to do it in the evening, so I did it in the morning to find out after lunch that I don’t have to work today (wasn’t really sad about that).

Again I ate no chocolate even tho I had a BIG trial today as I was shopping for some decoration stuff for tomorrow (friends will come over and we will eat delicious stuff like apple tiramisu) and when I was in the area where they had the office supply stuff, there was the HUGE chocolate area directly next to it including an easter market! I rushed through that with my eyes pinned to the shelves with the office supply stuff :D. BUT, I made it! I’m proud of myself :).

I’m also proud of myself about other stuff. About my blog, that I still stick with posting here, and that people still read it, exciting!

What I’m also proud about is yesterday’s “t-shirt reconstruction”-session I had. Ok, I finished just one shirt, but it turned out pretty good for the plain and really old t-shirt i started with. Maybe I post a Pic about that later.

Ok, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow with my first two digit Challenge Day.

Picture by Sister72


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