Challenge Day 6

It’s day 6 of my Challenge already, woho. Today again no chocolate for me but I also didn’t really felt an urge for it anyway. In exchange I ate again Salad with my meals and some Grapes after.

Sports Active I did too today even tho I felt a few of my muscles (which I forgot that I have) before already. Tomorrow is a Breakday again and I felt a little sorry about that, maybe I’ll do something else instead tomorrow.

Today I also realised that I told you about trying to “fix” my sleeping Schedule but haven’t spoken about that since. So, it did get a lot better already. About two weeks ago or so I spent most of the Nights awake and even saw the sunrise a few times (I did not really “see” it as it was cloudy most of the time but I saw how it became lighter). Last week I decided to go to bed at 12 during the week and at 2 at weekends and get up at 9 / 11 (funny number.. oO ) in the morning. I didn’t manage to make it perfectly on time, I messed it up for about 0,5-2 hours a few times but it’s still a lot better already.

I hope this helps me, when Uni starts again next week (OMG next week already, I haven’t done anything of what I planned for the holidays yet *panics*) At least I were at Uni today to sign up for a few more classes I wanna take. My timetable looks already insane again, but I get used to that. It lightens up during the semester anyway, so I don’t bother much about that.

Ok, enough of my thrilling life for today (/irony off) and see you tomorrow (hopefully). I’d love, if you leave a comment below on how you like the blog/Challenge or anything else you think I might be interested in.

Picture by planetchopstick


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