Challenge Day 5

I’m back with my Summary of Day 5. Today I could have had Chocolate as it is Sunday but I didn’t eat any, even tho I thought about it twice or so. I want to try to eat none at all until April 3rd (end of lent). I ate Salad with my meals again and a Banana Milkshake in the afternoon.

I also did Sports Active again today and I realised that I have no muscles at all, this needs to change. I also weighed myself and found out that I gained 2 kg since the last time I did it (but don’t ask me, when it was, I think it was somewhere around Christmas or New Year). I should probably start doin some excercises for my belly in addition to Sports Active as this is the part of my body who annoys me and Sports Active didn’t do anything (yet) about that, just cardio workout in general what does help too but maybe not effective enough. Maybe I do a few crunches later, but didn’t decide yet.

Besides I just watched a documentation about a personal trainer and his daily job and that motivated me. To see other people work hard to lose weight (not really my goal) and become healthy and do sports. And this Trainer gets 200€ per hour! Wow! I want to do that too, I think I’m good at kicking another one’s ass…*cough*. But first I have to achieve that for myself.

So that’s all for today, see you tomorrow with my next update.

P.S. No that’s unfortunately not my belly in the picture but it would be a good motivation :).

Picture by helgasms!


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