Challenge Day 4

Day 4 of the Challenge is over and I thought of Chocolate only once. A few years ago I might have already freaked out about it I think, but lately I sometimes even don’t want something sweet anymore. In the past I could have lived only of sweet stuff. Not that I don’t like it at all anymore, I’m far away from that, but it feels like I changed a little. I ate some cucumber with my lunch today and some grapes during the day.

I didn’t do Sports Active today, because the Program said it is a Break-Day today for my body to rest(It’s always 2 Days of Workout and 1 Day Break  I think). However, I thought about doin something else instead but then thought it might be good to stick to the Plan. Oh, I did some e-sports today but I guess that doesn’t count :D.

So that’s all for today. Would love to hear from you how you are doin with your Challenge (if you have one), if you wanna join or have suggestions for me.

Picture by Dominikgolenia


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