Day 3 of my Challenge

If you haven’t read about my personal Challenge yet you can read it here.

It’s day 3 already, woho. My behind *cough* hurts a bit of yesterdays Sports Active exercises. Yes, I know, that means I’m totally lame at Sports but at least I try :). I did Sports Active today too and I was looking forward to it!

Staying away from Chocolate was no Problem for me today  even tho the Cookies in my Cupboard were smiling at me very friendly for a second, but that was just one, so everything’s fine. Again I ate pretty healthy today, tryed to stop eating when I’m not hungry anymore (that might sound strange to some people who do that all the time but i don’t/didn’t) and had again Salad with the Lunch and half a Cucumber with Dinner and Grapes in between. Loads of good stuff for me! I also thought about weighing myself once in a while to see if something changes, but thats not my goal as I don’t have a Problem with my weight.

Oh btw, did I tell you about another thing I try to change in my life atm? I wanna try to change my sleeping schedule from “Nightowl” to “average”. I always liked staying up at night and it’s hard for me to get up earlier but I think I get a lot more done when I do (hopefully).

I think about giving you an update every day for the next 40 days , also to practice writing at the blog a bit, but I’m not totally sure if it works out. We’ll see. Maybe I surprise myself like I did the past two days. Hopefully these are not too much changes at the same time. Wish me Luck!

I hope you do well with your Challenge(s) in life too and maybe you wanna tell me about in the Comments!

Picture by NFPT


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