H&M goes green

A few days ago I heard at the radio that H&M soon will have a green collection. It’s name will be “Garden Collection” and the style will still be H&M’ish so if you don’t like this style you won’t like the new Collection either. So the important thing about the Collection is not how it looks like (ok, it does if you want to wear it, but that’s not the point now), the important thing is, that the clothes are made of organic cotton and linen or, that’s the more thrilling part, at least for me, made out of old PET Bottles! So you can now wear bottles, how cool is that? Ok, maybe I’m the only one who is excited about this, but for me this means that there are so many ways and options to make the world a little better ,we just have to use them. Besides, this means, that stuff that is better for you and nature doesn’t have to be only for rich people, that everyone can have it.

Another good thing about this collection is for me, that it makes me hope that summer soon will be here and this ugly cold weather will be gone. I’m soooo looking forward to summer when you dont have to wear a ton of layers of clothes anymore. Summer here we come!

Pictures by H&M


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