my geek project – episode 3

First of all I have to say that I’m sorry that I didn’t write anything for so long, I planned to blog more often but life is mostly not how you plan it.

So, today I wanted to give a short update about my geek project. It didn’t happen much about it but a little. I still don’t reveal what costume I’m doing but I’m showing you a little sneak peak about what I did so far. I started with a jacket, decided how to do the pattern and cut out the pieces.

First picture shows the main pieces of the jacket before cutting the fabric the second, how it looks like after. (Exciting, huh? 😉 )

pieces before cutting after cutting the fabric

I altered some of the pieces already again but the battery of my lovely cellphone out of hell went empty during taking the picture. Maybe I dedicate a post to my cellphone in the future as it has it’s own little horrorstory already.

Ok, don’t have much more to show about my project today but I can tell you about another experiment I did yesterday. I was invited to a surprise birthday party (it was fun!) and had the typical problem all girls (and some boys) know – “What should I wear?”. I stumbled across some stuff about reconstructing t-shirts lately and really like the idea (it also matches with my idea of going green) so I wanted to try it. I took a t-shirt out of my closet what I didn’t like to wear the way it was and reconstructed it to a nice top. It turned out pretty well. Maybe I show you in another post.

So that’s it for today. Do you have anything you wanna read (more) about on this blog? Any questions, suggestions? Drop me a line at the comments!


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