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Challenge Day 12 – It was a Nightmare!

Day 12 of the Challenge started pretty normal. I woke up,had breakfast, did some work –  finished my first Translation job (wohoo!), had lunch (with vegetables and salad) and started to do some stuff for Uni. But then suddenly the Screen of my laptop froze… nothing worked anymore. So I tryed to restart it and….nothing happened! I mean, yes, it did happen something but not what it supposed to be. It just told me that Windows can’t be loaded and I would need a recovery CD, but I didn’t have one. At least I thought that for about 2 hours when running in panic through my room and thinking about what to do. Then I found one I had forgotten about and it took me another 3 hours or so to finally get it to work again. So, todays post is some kind of miracle :D. I even thought about some comfort eating as I still have half a pack of chocolate cookies in the kitchen, but then I saw, that Dirty Dancing was on TV, so that saved me from doing something I would regret (It’s Sunday so it wouldn’t have been that bad, but I still didn’t want to do it).

I also did Sports Active today, the first minutes, my laptop was off when I still hoped that it would work again after some cooldown time. Helped me to release the Stress too.

So todays Summary is, that I now appreciate my laptop much more than today morning, that I know that I can access Facebook via my Wii and that I was strong enough to resist chocolate in an Emergency.

Was your Sunday better? I hope so! Leave me a comment.

P.S. When the sentences in this post make even less sense than  they normal do then it is because of the last few hours and their aftereffects.

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Challenge Day 11 – 100 Things to do..

So here is Day 11 of my Challenge already. Today I made it to 5 Meals when I count the two little snacks in the morning and in the afternoon. I ate Salad with my meals which contained vegetables too, so it was a good day today except maybe the two small pieces of (apple) Tiramisu I ate after Dinner but I think thats ok, still no chocolate! What I still have trouble with, is drinking water. I keep forgetting to drink enough. This is a thing I still have to work on.

I didn’t do Sports Active as it’s a planned Breakday today, going on with it tomorrow.

Besides I found another cool tv show today. It’s called “The buried Life” and it’s about 4 guys that travel trough North America and cross off things of their “100 Things to do before I die” list and for every thing they try to achieve they help one person to achieve one of their dream. After I saw that I thought that I kind of do something like that at the moment. My Thing could be called “live healthy during Lent” or something like that. I already wanted to do that in the past but never did it and this year it happened pretty much spontaniously, funny thing.. Maybe I start a list for myself one day and start crossing things off :). Ok, when I say it like that I’ll never do it. I should start it today!

What would you write on your “100 things to do before I die” list? I would love to hear about that. Write it in the comments!

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Challenge Day 10

First two-digit-day of my Challenge today! Everything went a bit different  to the last few days today as I normally ate at a certain time (or tried to) and today friends came over and we had a “food session”. They brought Pasta salad and Tiramisu and I made another kind of Tiramisu (Apple tiramisu, delicious!). That means that I practically was eating half of the afternoon, but it was big fun! We all agreed in doin that again soon. Maybe we even create a Facebook-Group for it. (“The not-anonymous eat addicts” or something like that 😀 ) Oh, and I nearly forgot – no chocolate in Tiramisu so I’m still fine with my Challenge :)!

In the evening I did some Sports Active but today it was more tiring than the last week when I did it. After that I ate Dinner, loads of it.. and now I’m stuffed and tired. But at least I ate a piece of cucumber with the Dinner.

Ok, that’s it already for today again. Please give me Feedback, if you died already of boredom about my posts or if you like what I do here, or what you would wanna hear (more) of.

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Challenge Day 9

Day 9 of my Challenge. Made it to four meals today when I include the snack with a joghurt and walnuts and raisins in the afternoon and ate Salad with the meals (not with breakfast and the snack tho). Today I did Sports active in the Morning because it was scheduled that I had to work in the afternoon again and yesterday it screwed my plan to do it in the evening, so I did it in the morning to find out after lunch that I don’t have to work today (wasn’t really sad about that).

Again I ate no chocolate even tho I had a BIG trial today as I was shopping for some decoration stuff for tomorrow (friends will come over and we will eat delicious stuff like apple tiramisu) and when I was in the area where they had the office supply stuff, there was the HUGE chocolate area directly next to it including an easter market! I rushed through that with my eyes pinned to the shelves with the office supply stuff :D. BUT, I made it! I’m proud of myself :).

I’m also proud of myself about other stuff. About my blog, that I still stick with posting here, and that people still read it, exciting!

What I’m also proud about is yesterday’s “t-shirt reconstruction”-session I had. Ok, I finished just one shirt, but it turned out pretty good for the plain and really old t-shirt i started with. Maybe I post a Pic about that later.

Ok, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow with my first two digit Challenge Day.

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Challenge Day 8

First Day of second week of my Challenge today. I ate well including Salad and an Appel today and no chocolate but I didn’t have time to do Sports Active even tho I was looking forward to it and now I’m too tired and directly heading to bed. What reminds me, that I’m also already 45 Min. late for Bedtime so I stop writing now and go to sleep. Good Night! 🙂

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Challenge Day 7

The first week of my Challenge is already over. That was quick! So today went pretty much the same way than the days before, no chocolate but a bit of veggies. No Sports Active as I already said yesterday because it’s a Breakday today. Haven’t done anything else sportwise yet but I’ll go to a club with my girls later so I might get some excercise on the dancefloor :). That will be fun!

Ok, it seems that I’m not very talkative (writative?) today so I stop it here now. See you tomorrow!

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Challenge Day 6

It’s day 6 of my Challenge already, woho. Today again no chocolate for me but I also didn’t really felt an urge for it anyway. In exchange I ate again Salad with my meals and some Grapes after.

Sports Active I did too today even tho I felt a few of my muscles (which I forgot that I have) before already. Tomorrow is a Breakday again and I felt a little sorry about that, maybe I’ll do something else instead tomorrow.

Today I also realised that I told you about trying to “fix” my sleeping Schedule but haven’t spoken about that since. So, it did get a lot better already. About two weeks ago or so I spent most of the Nights awake and even saw the sunrise a few times (I did not really “see” it as it was cloudy most of the time but I saw how it became lighter). Last week I decided to go to bed at 12 during the week and at 2 at weekends and get up at 9 / 11 (funny number.. oO ) in the morning. I didn’t manage to make it perfectly on time, I messed it up for about 0,5-2 hours a few times but it’s still a lot better already.

I hope this helps me, when Uni starts again next week (OMG next week already, I haven’t done anything of what I planned for the holidays yet *panics*) At least I were at Uni today to sign up for a few more classes I wanna take. My timetable looks already insane again, but I get used to that. It lightens up during the semester anyway, so I don’t bother much about that.

Ok, enough of my thrilling life for today (/irony off) and see you tomorrow (hopefully). I’d love, if you leave a comment below on how you like the blog/Challenge or anything else you think I might be interested in.

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