going green and social

Last night I watched another episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (Yes, I know, a bit embarrassing) and it made me think about a few things. For all of you who don’t know the show a short summary:

People who did something good or happened something bad and live in a house that nearly breaks down get a new house built.

So, yesterday I watched the latest episode about a woman with 4 kids from Jamaica who helps a lot in her Neighbourhood. And when they deconstructed her house they put all stuff aside that was still usable and brought it to some company that reused it. That’s pretty cool.

So that reminded me of some stuff I was already thinking about more often. First, I don’t like how we waste the ressources of our planet. (yes, I say “we” as I’m still far from perfect myself) So I thought about how to do it better. Like, how to reuse the stuff I have to give it a new purpose. For Example I have a few old computers at home I won’t use anymore. So I might make some stuff out of it’s parts like Jewelry or so. (that raises the geek’s heartbeat 😀 ) Or maybe reconstruction with clothes from flea markets…

Another thing is, how to avoid trash before creating it. I read already a bit about that but it’s still hard to think of everything and do it.

And then the interpersonal trash. We really should take care about each other more often. Do stuff for others even tho we don’t have a personal benefit out of it. (except maybe happyness about helping others). I thought about what I could do about that. It starts with donating blood or registering for a bone marrow donation (that’s for the brave). Or maybe donating time for a nice project. Maybe for old people… or kids. I would want to do something with kids as they are our future. (That sentence makes me think that im sooo ooold) I thought about something to show children how fun it can be to read a nice book or something like that. Books aren’t cool anymore for them and that’s a pitty as they miss out a lot. And it should be fun, to learn something new. Not sure yet, how to turn that into a project.

Any suggestions? Who want’s to join? 🙂 Or do you do already something nice and wanna share it with us? (Or something for me to join)

Picture by Vimages.


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