my geek project – episode 2

So Tuesday I went buying fabrics. This is some kind of love-hate relationship for me. Yes,  I know… you wanna know why. This has a few reasons.

1. I’m a poor student. That means I go to a store where they sell cheaper fabrics. I have a store around the corner that sells fabrics but at awefully high prices. So I go to another store. Unfortunately this one is out of town. That means about 45 min. (at least) with public transports including trains. At least, this time we were clever enough to look at the arrival times of the train back home, before we went into the shop. Last time when we arrived at the station, the friendly train conductor waved us good by while driving ahead. (Yes, we all love the ÖBB*……………NOT!)

2. When you enter the store for the first time, you don’t think that you are in the right building. At the ground floor you feel like entering a dungeon. Everything dark, COOOOLD and dirty. Every time you touch anything to look at it you regret it later. Also some of the fabrics down there are still labeled with Schilling (we changed to Euros in…2002?) so I guess you can imagine how it looks like there. But it still is worth to go there as you sometimes find a bit of what you need. I for example found a black umbrella which I need for a later cosplay costume in summer what is perfect – one piece less to buy.

3. Then you go upstairs to the first floor and everything is different… Ok, not everything..but it’s much lighter, a bit warmer and you have at least some kind of order. Even tho the order consists of labels like “Black and white fabrics ->” or “Jean, animal print, thick cotton ->”.. like.. this could be pretty much everything. But after a while you get an idea where you have to look for the stuff you need. Unfortuately you have to pass a lot of other shelves and look at everything on the way there what is the reason for…

4. On your way through all the corridors you see loads of fabrics and sometimes nice ones you didn’t plan to buy but they get your attention and you instantly see something in your mind that you wanna create with it (ok, maybe this is just me) and you instantly grab it and want to have it. And this again is connected with..

5. The ugly, mean, cashier desk of hell. Everytime I put my fabrics and other stuff (they also have tons of buttons, ribbons, threads,..) at the counter I pray to god  (thats not average for me as I’m not really that much into religion) even tho every single piece “only” costs 1 euro or 2, maybe 3… but in the end, most of the time its a long list with a (too) long number of digits at the end. (Did I already mention that I’m a poor student?)

But at the other hand I really love shopping fabrics. It feels a bit like beeing at Project Runway just without the stress…oh wait. Not this time. Because the friend I went with, suddenly found out that he has to get the 4 o’clock train to be home on time to be picked up by his parents. (it was 3:30) So we finally had to hurry to get the train. We were at the station at 3:58 .. puh! Good that I don’t smoke but I still should do more sports. (When did I do Sports active lately btw?)

When we were on our way back my friend told me, that now that he has to hurry, he can’t come with me back to my place but the stuff he bought had to go to my place. So I was packed like a donkey on my way home and really happy when I arrived there! (just packed like one, not being one!)

Oh and regarding Project Runway I found out last night that the 7th season started last week. Wohoo! That means today is the second episode of it. I’m so looking forward to see. It’s such an inspiration. Because of last episode I tryed something new yesterday at the studio and it worked out. I did a fabulous new piece. Unfortunately I still only have ugly cellphone pictures. These are to emberassing to upload as they are all blurry and overall not showable. But I plan to do a photoshoot with a friend of mine soon. So exciting!

*Austrian Federal Railway


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