My new geek project

I always have a lot of projects running simultaniously but one of my bigger ones with a due date I just started planning is


my first Cosplay costume ever.

Ok, for those of you, that aren’t as geeky as me or in another way I explain a bit about this Cosplay thing as I think some of you might sit in front of the screen now with a big questionmark above their heads. (no, not questgiver-wise for the mmorpg geeks among us :D)

What is Cosplay?

Imagine loads of people dressing up like Characters of Animes, Mangas, Computer games,… and attending Conventions even tho it’s not carnival. THIS is Cosplay :). And yes, for all of you that are not into that it might sound a bit crazy :D. But it’s fun and I’m so looking forward to doing my first costume.

It’s not only about having it in the end and wearing it that makes me want to do it. It’s also the process of creating it that makes me feel excited. Beside I always loved it to dress like someone else during Carnival and now I have the opportunity to do it all alround the year. Ok, not all around as most Conventions in my area are only in summer, but you know what I mean.

My Project

sewingSo, I’m not revealing what I’m going to do for my first costume yet, but at least i decided now, what to do. It took me ages as there are so much options. As the first convention is already end of february I decided to not do my favourite one rather than one I like too and is a bit  simpler, so that I can be pretty sure that I’ll be done with it on time. Beside I promised a friend of mine to help him with his costume too, so it’s going to be a busy holiday month in February.

So what I’ve done about it so far is:

  • decided for a Costume
  • wrote down what I need to buy
  • made up an appointment with the friend I’m helping to go shop for fabrics and stuff (I’m so looking forward to this)

what I have to do:

  • get fabrics, zippers, a wig,..
  • SEW!!

I plan to post updates how it goes on with the project, maybe with pictures along the way and the final result in the end.

I also thought about doing something about helping others to finish their costumes… or make them for them.. but thats a bit  complicated as a lot want to attend contests at the conventions and for that the costumes have to be made by themselves so I’m not sure if this would be a good idea. But maybe people at LARPs (Live Action Roleplays)?

I would love to hear what you think about or your stories about cosplaying :).


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  1. I think you’re ghey.

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