Computergeeks and sports

So, what do computergeeks sportwise? Yes, “not any” is another answer for that question. But what do they do if they DO sports?

In my case it’s doing Wii fit or – what I prefer over that – Sports Active. My only problem is, that I don’t do it regularly enough so that I have another problem out of that. Because sports active has this “30 days challenge”. You get a training program planned for 30 days that you should try to achieve. But I mostly do sports for 1 or 2 or if I’m good for 3 days in a row and then forget about it. When I start sports active the next time, the 30 days mostly are over already and i have to start all over again. That means i have done the first two days of the program about 10 times already but haven’t seen anything of what comes next. That’s a bit sad. So as doin sport(s active) is one of my New Year’s Resolutions (yes I dared to think about some) I started again today and maybe I manage it this time to get over the first 3 days of training. Maybe my natural curiousity helps me with that as I really want to know how this stuff goes on and what kinds of sports there will be later on.

Any suggestions for motiviation for me? Or does the same thing happen to you?


One response to “Computergeeks and sports

  1. i kept up wii fit for 16 days? but then got bored, it takes up far too much time, so now i just do a few press-ups and weights for upper body strength.

    im a geek who likes sports, so come summer, tis easy to manage playing football every chance i can.

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