Geeks and fashion

Lately I came up with the Idea of Geekfashion. Then I was asked. What is it? And I opened my mouth and…… nothing came out. So I will try to do some kind of reverse engineering in this post and hopefully in the end there is some result about that question.

First of all. What kind of Geeks do I know? What are Geeks anyway?

What is a Geek?

For me a Geek or a Nerd or however you want to call it is someone who is really passionate about a Topic the average person mostly isn’t very interested in or doesn’t understand much. Ok now we could start discussing what “an average person” is, but I leave this now as it is.

What sorts of Geeks do exist?

I guess there are tons of them but I’ll list the ones I’m most familiar with here.

  1. Maths
  2. Computer Science
  3. Gaming
  4. Roleplay
  5. Japan/Anime/Manga
  6. Tech/Science
  7. Literature

I consider myself as a bit of a 2, definitely a 3, a little bit of a 5 and a small amount of a 7 :).

What it’s all about now?

So that’s the General part of it. I already hear you asking: “But where’s the part about the fashion now?”. And this is truly a good question. I thought about what could improve the life of a geek with the clothes he or she is wearing. For example for a Tech or Computer Science geek. A lot of them are carrying an iPhone these days. It might be nice for them to have them somewhere close, somewhere reachable. Maybe a Pocket somewhere, where it fits and doesn’t annoy at the same time.

Something else I realised already is, that there aren’t many nice bags for laptops especially for girls/women. Most of the bags are ugly or made for male customers or just not very practical.

There are some more ideas I already had about that, but I think that’s already enough for one post today so I’ll leave it as it is now.

What about you? Are you a geek? Is there anything on your wish list? Anything you would love to have? Or hate? I look forward to hear what you think and maybe one day something of that will come true.


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